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EZ Lease To Own

What Do These People Know that You Don't....??

What do these people know that you don't?
1. They Know How to Fill Their Homes Quickly
2. They're Not Tired Landlords
3. They Have A System For Filling & Managing Homes

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'Successful Investors
Reveal Their Proven Techniques
For Filling Homes... The EZ Way


Filling homes and managing your properties can be a full time occupation.  Ever heard of the 'tired landlord'?

Add in the 'Legal Eviction Process' and dealing with repairs and maintenance and you know the reason why so many investors bail out after a short career!

We contacted successful investors and documented what they do to fill their homes and how they deal with the tough issues. To our surprise, they fill their homes quickly!   And their management is nearly automatic.

Delinquencies, Evictions, Vacancies???   These issues are handled with ease, sometimes while they're on vacation, or on a 'business trip'.

We just had to share their techniques.
ALL their techniques, in ONE course.
No need to take separate courses in Property Management, Forms & Contracts, Advertising, Evictions, etc.

EZ Lease To Own covers it all.

What Would You Rather Do?
Attend a 2 Day Workshop or Study at your own pace?
Either way, it's fine with us!  We'll keep you posted on our next workshop, but you can begin studying our material tomorrow!

The Homes Study Series includes:
All the forms, leases, options, receipts, letters and notices used during a Lease period.
You get our 420 page printed manual of all the materials. You'll also get a CD of the manual in Acrobat™ format, plus the paperwork for leasing your homes and all the esources we use, including signs, flyers and special reports.

Oh yes, you'll also receive the an audio CD of over 8 hours of our latest 3-day workshop, and two CDs containing 8 of our PC Videos.
If that wasn't enough, we're including an update product with a 179 page printed manual and 2 CDs of all the workshop audio, plus bonus info, like interviews with a tax CPA and instructional videos on how to modify the special reports and the evviction spreadsheet. Wow!

We've been filling homes for years.  So, we know what types of homes to avoid, what types of tenants to avoid and what types of rents to charge.
How about setting the option prices of the homes?...
Well we've got formulas and software to figure that, too!

So you've got some homes and you'd like to fill them.....

The team of 'Charlie' & Randy France and Bob Meister explain all the tips, tricks and insider secrets that they use to fill their homes quickly.
No 'Tired Landlords' Here!!

Think About It...

If you save   1  month's rent
from just  1  idea...
you've paid for the course!!

Are you looking forward to filling your next home?
We've got you covered,in just 1 Course!
Doesn't it make sense to use the experience of others to avoid becoming a tired landlord?  You can see the benefit of using proven techniques.

EZ Lease to own Home Study Series

Our printed manual and workshop includes chapters on Home Preparation, Inside the Tenant's Mind, Advertising, Taking Calls, Showing Homes, Forms & Contracts, Property Management, Evictions, Your Exit Strategy, Special 'Gotchas', Resources, The Math Behind It All and Goals of Leasing.
All in all, this is the most comprehensive course for showing you how to establish your...'early retirement program'

We're the'Get The Deed' people that thoroughly explain how to get motivated sellers to call you and ask you to take their home...leaving the mortgage in their name!
Now, we're telling you how to fill those homes using a Lease and Option technique. The Tenant/Buyers will do all the maintenance and you'll get all the benefits.
Benefits like:
Depreciation, monthly cash flow, home appreciation, mortgage paydown, non-refundable option consideration, and the real biggie...
the chunk of cash when the tenant buys the home.

Heck, we even show you how the experts make money when evicting delinquent tenants!

If this stuff is new to you or if you're not getting all those benefits on your rentals ask yourself why...or why not!!

We haven't even touched on how to avoid becoming a tired landlord, or taking care of evictions, judgments & bankruptcies.
You know, the 'dark side' of investing.
Learn how the experts deal with it...
How we make money even when the tenants stop paying!!

This is the material that you've been waiting for.
Professionally prepared materials, current techniques....
The actual materials, successfully in use every day...
with examples of our real deals.
Not the stuff used 5 or 10 years a different economy...
'Thinker brains, reptile brains', come one; come all.  We explain it all.

  • The Essential Forms and Letters For Avoiding a Lawsuit
  • The Top 3 Ways To Advertise For Quick Results
  • When To Stop Sending Delinquency Letters and When To Evict
  • How To Set Rents and Get Increases
  • Should You Take Checks?
  • When and How to Set Rent Credits
  • When To Use A Move-In Special
  • How To Maximize The Option Price
  • How To Legally Reduce Your Tax Burden
  • The 6 Key Components in a 'New Tenant Package'
  • Avoid the 7 Most Expensive Mistakes When Leasing
  • How To Run A Credit Report For Under $7
  • The 10 Step Process for Filling Your Home
  • How To Maximize Your Tax FREE Depreciation
  • Why You Should Avoid 'Showing Homes'
  • Encouraging Tenants To Buy During the Lease Period
Preview the Table Of Contents of our massive 420 page manual. 
Click Here To Review the EZ Lease To Own TOC.

An email just in...
From: Ken Pedersen

Subject: 'Profits' order


Just a quick note...
Thanks for your response and quick shipping.
My wife and I are so excited to get the system!.

I bought a brand new home for investment last Sept...intending to rent it out...not knowing any better.
I stumbled onto your EZ Lease system and bought it, and...fortunately...saved myself from landlord hell.
We followed all the tips in the manual and filled the home immediately...using all the forms on the CD - there's NO WAY I could have done it without that system.

In fact, the tenant/buyers tongues almost hit the floor when they saw what we had done to the house....ceiling fans...props....flag out front...etc....astonished that we had gone to such efforts...and that they got to KEEP all the stuff - (which, of course, they are paying for!)

Got $1000 plus a 60 day note for an additional $5000 - and wrote an option at a 12% annual appreciation - so stand to make a healthy sum in 36 months.

We are closing on a 2nd brand new home next week, which will be filled using the same system. I was planning on buying yet a 3rd new home, but heard the 'Get The Deed' CD interview, and decided to wait on that....there are lots of 1-2 yr. old homes for sale in the area...and I like the idea of grabbing them up without using up my own cash or credit.

Can't wait to get the new system. Will keep you posted on our success...and would be glad to send more testimonials your way as they come.
Thanks again...

Ken Pedersen

Why Do We Invest In Real Estate?  And Why Do We Hold Properties?

The thought of working 50 weeks straight, just to get a two week vacation makes me sick ...How about you?  We'll show you how to achieve Financial Freedom in months.  Achieve an income 'while you sleep'.

This material covers all your questions and provides step-by-step instructions & samples of all advertising material. Whether you're an experienced investor or a rank beginner, we'll show you how to manage your properties while on Vacation.

Are you looking forward to your vacation?
you know the thing you're supposed to often as you want!
Vacation... the time you need to spend with your family...away from your business.
Vacation... what you can do all the time... with the 'early retirement' program!

If you're still unsure...
then keep trying to evict those deadbeats,
keep trying to cash those bad rent checks,
keep running worthless newspaper ads,
keep fixing empties and recarpeting over the 'cat urine'.
Been there...done that...we show you how to escape those nightmares!

Doesn't it makes sense to fill your homes quickly?....
Manage them with ease?...
Put your 'system' on autopilot?
Then don't delay...Inaction will Hold You Back.

EZ Lease To Own Home Study Series, Newly Packaged with More Info:420 Page Printed Manual,
1 Audio CD, 1 Data CD of the manual, graphics, report, lease & option and other forms & contracts. Plus 8 PC Videos on 2 CDs from our workshops. And now we've added the Bonus ABC to EZ Update...179 pages of printed manual, Data CD and Audio/Video CD of the latest Get The Deed info. A full system for filling and managing properties.... $456

Subject: Quick Question

Dear Bob, Randy and Charlie
I just leased out my first home using what I learned from your EZLEASE program.
I did exactly what you told me to do and I leased it in 20 days.
Thank you for putting the courses together, and helping us get started in real estate.
thanks again, Chuck Minoui

Finally the software that fills out your leases and options automatically. No need to keep referring to the filing cabinet. AutoLease allows you to keep track of all your leases and paperwork concerning filling your homes.

You just enter your info 1 time and Autolease does the rest.
AutoLease fills out all the necessary paperwork and allows you to reuse most of your information again and again...$207

AutoLease saves time

When a tenant moves out, you're ready for the next tenant, since most of the info remains the same.

Allows you to modify the completed documents without the use of MS Word...via the built in AutoLease text editor.

Modify the existing master documents to suit your own tastes.

Add your own documents, too.

Built in 'help' and examples on each field, plus on-line help.

Even the manual is on-line. If you need technical support, they're only a web connection away.

Enter your own documents into the Master Set we provide. And...You can edit any document using the built in AutoLease editor.

  • Leases
  • Options
  • Down Payment Receipts
  • Partial Payment Letters
  • Mortgage Coupons
  • Seller Disclosure Statement
  • Tenant Permission
  • Promissory Notes

No need for MS Office
uses Windows 98/XP/7/8

RealBooks, LLC
120 N. Mill Creek Road
Noblesville, IN 46062

A COMPLETE guide to filling and managing your real estate.

Need To Talk Before Ordering?
12:00 to 4:00 PM M-F, (317)770-1000

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